3 Great Tips for Your Bible Study & Quiet Time Routine

Do you read & study the word of God consistently? Do you have a regular quiet time where you dedicate a portion of your day to spending time with God?
Do you have difficulties studying the Bible, because you just don’t know what to read and where in the Bible you can begin?

There are 3 major things you need to do in order to have an effective quiet time devotion with God. Here are the following things that you need to do:


Select a good time and a good place in which you can have your quiet time devotions. It’s important to select a place & time where there’s no interruptions; no distractions and no pressure for you to end your devotion time prematurely.
The idea is to devote all your attention and focus on enjoying your fellowship with God without any disturbances.
Even Jesus would often spend time away from people and from all kinds of distractions in order to be alone with the Father.

The second thing to do in your devotion time is spend a portion of your quiet time in prayer.
It’s an opportunity for you to express your issues; your needs; your love and even your worship of God. It’s also a time not only to pray for yourself – but it’s also an opportunity for you to pray and intercede for others as well.
John 17 is a great example where Christ not only spent time praying for Himself but He also interceded for others as well.

The third thing is to read and study the word of God. In this portion of your quiet time there’s different ways that you can study the Bible.
You can study your Bible in the following ways:
a) You could use a Bible Reading Plan. A reading plan gives you books, chapters or passages of scripture that you can read on a daily basis. There’s many Bible plans that exist where you can either read the Bible chronologically or in whatever method in which that plan has been designed.
b) You could study the Bible according to Topic. For example – perhaps you can study a topic like Faith then Idolatry, then Fear etc. There are certain books such as the Thompson Chain Reference Bible that are very good when it comes to studying the scriptures or Bible verses based on a particular topic.
c) Another method of studying your Bible is by doing a Character Study. So perhaps you can study the life & character of Abraham or David or one of the 12 Apostles. A Bible such as the Life Application Bible is excellent for such type of studies.

There are many different ways in which you can be methodical and intentional when it comes to spending you quiet time with God.
Remember that your most fruitful time of your day is when you spend it with God.




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