About Inspired Walk


Inspired Walk is an evangelical and apologetics online Christian ministry with the purpose of coming alongside the Church to help fulfill the Great Commission from Jesus Christ according to Matthew 28:19-20.
Inspiredwalk.com was created in July 2012 and is a non-denominational platform setup as a method of evangelism in order to teach, equip and inspire people to be more like Jesus Christ in their daily living.

Our Vision
Teaching, equipping & inspiring you to be more like Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

The basic purpose of Inspired Walk is to do the following:

  • help people to grow in their relationship with God
  • help people to learn & understand the word of God
  • help people to obey & apply the Scriptures
  • help non-Christians to become born again believers in Christ Jesus
  • defend the Christian faith
  • spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In our passion to glorify God and to exalt Jesus, we also desire to exhort people to participate in full-filling the Great Commission and to spread the grace and gospel of Jesus Christ.
By using the internet and other forms of electronic & social media platforms our mission as Inspired Walk is to accomplish this through the biblical teachings, devotionals and also through unique gospel tracts for biblical evangelism purposes.

What Do We Believe?

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Over 5 Million Page Views each filled with scriptures and Biblical teachings.
More than 1 Million Visitors from over 130 countries around the world.
Salvation / Gospel Presentation Articles Viewed over 604,457 times.
Invitation to Accept Jesus Christ, Clicked & Viewed over 6132 times.

Inspired Walk continues to grow each day and we give glory to God for any lives that are affected or influenced positively as a result of connecting with this ministry.

Inspired Walk so far has published over 400 online answers & teachings. We offer devotionals, answers, teachings & videos on various Christian topics and categories from Salvation, Relationship With God, Money Issues, Atheism, Cults and Religions and many more other topics (see CATEGORIES section on the right side of every page).

Feel free to search our site for our various topics by using the SEARCH option on our website. Or you can use the CATEGORIES option to read the various topics we have under each category.

It is our purpose to always give a Biblical answer and perspective concerning every topic that is written. We do our best to prayerfully and thoroughly study and research the answers, topics and the issues that are written on this website.

Scripture quotations are from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version, New King James Version, New International Version and King James Version

If you have any questions or any issues about various Christian related topics that you would like us to answer feel free to Contact Us.



Stewart Kabatebate is the Founder of Inspired Walk
Stewart is a friend, husband, father, Christian author, and a guy who loves to do the work of an evangelist.

He is passionate about understanding the Bible and helping others do the same. It’s his desire to share to both non-believers and Christians about the love that God has for all mankind, such that God sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ so that we may have eternal life when we receive Him as our personal Lord and Saviour (John 3:16).

We hope that through the meditation & study of God’s word that you are becoming more like Jesus Christ in every area of your life.


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