4 Reasons Why Abortion Is Wrong

One of the most debated issues in the world is the issue pertaining to abortion.
There are questions such as: Does life begin at conception? Is abortion exclusively a woman’s choice? Is abortion right or wrong?

Abortion can be defined as the deliberate termination of a pregnancy. This termination clearly involves the destruction of a human life. Whilst this unborn life may be living temporarily inside the womb of a woman – this developing embryo or fetus is nevertheless a unique life and it is not simply a “part” or extension of a mother’s body.

Therefore, pro-choice slogans such as “My Body, My Choice” tend to deceive many people regarding both the value of an unborn life and the consequences of abortion.

Below Are 4 Reasons Why Abortion Is Wrong:


1. A Fetus Is A Unique Person
A fetus is a unique human individual who is temporarily residing in the womb of his/her mother.
A fetus is a developing unborn child who has:
• A different blood type from his/her mother
• A different genetic code than his/her mother
• An unborn child may also have a different gender than his mother
These arguments clearly point to the fact that abortion is the termination of an innocent and unique human life.
The Bible uses the terms “child”, “son”, “daughter”, “baby”, “with child” when referring to unborn children. These terms are therefore evidence that a fetus or unborn child is a unique person with a right to life.


2. An Unborn Child Has a Right to Purpose & a Future
It is wrong to kill human beings that would have a future like ours if they lived.
An unborn child should have a right to live. Therefore killing an unborn child is also killing the future of that child.
In Jeremiah 1:5, God says to Jeremiah: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart…”
This points to the fact that God has a future and a plan for an unborn child.


3. Abortion Reduces People’s Respect For Life
Worldwide Abortion Statistics reflect that between 2010 and 2014 more than 56 million abortions occurred throughout the world.
This statistic alone exposes the fact that we live in a society and culture where innocent and defenseless lives are not respected.
People put a lot of value on animal rights and animal life? Yet fighting for the life and value of an unborn child can be frowned upon. The Bible says that human life is of more value than animals (Matthew 6:26). The reason is because unlike the animals, God made man in His own image (Genesis 1:26-28).


4. Abortion Is A Spiritual Problem
Abortion involves the shedding of innocent blood. The culture and promotion of abortion is deeply rooted in the fact that mankind has a spiritual problem. The shedding of innocent life in order to achieve personal comfort is a form of sacrifice. Also the shedding of innocent blood to avoid personal responsibility is wrong.
Ultimately abortion is an act and a plan that is straight from the devil because Satan seeks to kill, steal and destroy anything that is a creation of God (John 10:10).