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Love it! Thank you for taking the time to support the position and in presenting truth based upon The Word! God bless your every endeavor that honors him!
Thanks for refreshing me today. The battle can get tough when you dare become more resolved to glorify God here on earth. His armor never fails though.
Thank you for your messages... Definitely an uplifting message for me
I agree... We were created in the image and likeness of God. We are his children therefore we are to be more like God . Jesus is Lord. Bless you. Thank you for sharing.
Very inspiring message... Let me preach it also... This website is a blessing to those who desire to know the truth.
Very good insights... Thank you for sharing. God Bless
This reflection came at a time when I needed it most. Indeed, it was tailored to guide and inspire me. May your wealth of spiritual knowledge never run dry. Thanks & God bless you.
I really appreciate and am encouraged by what I read when I clicked on what you wrote about Characteristics of true Christian. Brethren, your explanation is very helpful, thank you so much, I learned a lot and, with this, I will help others.
We absolutely love your blog and find almost all of your post’s to be just what I’m looking for… Again, awesome website!
You are so correct with everything written here... it hits home and moves me
Really liked what you had to say in your post... Nature of the Flesh, thanks for the good read!
I concur with your findings and presentation... God bless your endeavors to honor and glorify Him!
Hi. Your content is deep... I like the inspiration you share with the world... Preach it, brother!
Great inspiration article right there, really enjoyed it and it opened my eyes to things I have been seeing around in the world we live today.
You are saying something, and backing it up with scripture; the inerrant word of God. Thank you!
Great work... it is possible to fulfill the great commission indeed... God bless you and your efforts… remember we do not labour in vain.
Compliment! Kindly include me in your daily devotion by posting relevant scripture to me everyday... I am just striving to remain in his presence each day but He said His Grace is sufficient for me.
Wow! Thank you so much! This is a good read for all! This a true blessing and confirmation for all Christians God Bless!
It was Joseph’s story that got me saved as a teen! Thanks for sharing and God bless you!
Thank you for the article... I loved the article and will ask the Holy Spirit to remember to help me in my time of prayer #ThankU
Thank you for the reads... Powerful and so true.
Your website and teachings are a great blessing. Love this: “The devil hates you and has a terrible plan for your life!”
Just read over Inspired Walk… You did a wonderful work explaining the Gospel.
Thank you... This was an anointed read! It truly blessed me!
I loved reading this bible study, thank you for posting it. I confess I am free from all fear, in Jesus powerful name!
Wow! Thank you so much! This is a good read for all! This is a true blessing and confirmation for all Christians. God bless!
Very true…. what we need is God. You become a friend of God NOT AN ACQUAINTANCE he will feel the need to draw nearer to his friend to just an acquaintance. And where God dwells tell me what can take away your rest…?
Great inspiration article right there... Really enjoyed it and it opened my eyes to things I have been seeing around in the world we leave today.
Well constructed explanation … I thoroughly enjoyed & applaud the warmth and love of this lesson.
God bless you, I like your post it is inspired by God thank you for sharing.
This article is #Dope! Thanks for the great reminder of the 7 things #God expects from a #Christian.
It's always good reading these articles… Keep up the good work.
It's a lovely page this… well done… I'm enjoying and learning from it. Thank you and Lord be with you.
Beautiful that article… well written, and the scripture chosen made my heart glow and Jesus gave me an inner zeal… I thank you
Excellent read… As always, your application of the Bible to what’s going on in our world today is spot on.
I love this site… I’ve been in this website all day!! I’m glad the LORD led me to your website!!!
This ministry simplifies, never complicates. Thank you. Be direct… this is the fruit of the Lord…
I like how the Lord called you in to gather some sheep that are lost… peace be with you my brother in Christ
Amen… good stuff… keep teaching the Word and may we continue to grow in the Spirit of God
Thanks that’s a very good article. I struggle with almost all these things at times. This really help me out.
You have a powerful ministry… They are inspiring & encouraging…
God bless you guys. Keep doing what you’re doing to bring others to Christ & keep ya safe…
Thanks for the Biblical & Greek context… This is such an important topic for Christians
God bless you and thank you for the service you provide on the Internet
First time to visit your site… you really inspire #InspiredWalk
… Great articles that will help you grow in your spiritual journey with Jesus
This is such a beautiful help to people like myself that sometimes feel unworthy of God’s love. Thanks
Thank you for sharing and warning others… Lord shine with your penetrating light to dispel the darkness. Set people free… Amen
I thoroughly enjoyed / applaud the warmth and love of this lesson
I’ve shared some of your content… It’s blessed stuff. God is really having his way with you guys


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