Why Satanic & Illuminati Symbolism is Popular in the Music Industry

Why has satanic and illuminati imagery and symbolism become increasingly popular in many music videos around the world?
From music artists such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Jay Z, Sam Smith, Kanye West, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Shenseea, Lil Nas X, Cardi B and many more – most of these celebrities have produced popular music videos which contain occult symbolism and song lyrics that promote satanic worship. Furthermore, some of their music lyrics and videos blatantly blaspheme and mock the Christian faith.
Unfortunately such music artists have sold millions of albums and they’re especially popular among teenagers and young adults.
Also from award shows such as The Grammys, The MTV Awards and many others, there is always a display of satanic or illuminati imagery.

However, why are so many popular songs filled with lyrics that openly promote occult worship in addition to promoting violence, sex and drug abuse? What do music celebrities benefit by exposing their audience to the occult through their music videos? What kind of people are these celebrities targeting with their occult music videos? What can parents do to educate or protect their children from occultic music?


10 Effects Music Has On People

Music can have a positive or negative impact on its listeners depending on the lyrical content and the visual imagery that is used in the music videos.
However, in order to understand why satanic and illuminati symbolism is popular in the music industry, it is necessary to first understand the powerful effects that music generally has on people.
Music has the powerful effect of impacting us spiritually, physically and emotionally. Music can also have a direct or subconscious effect on our thoughts, behavior or mood.

For example, according to American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, “music often provides enjoyment for children and adolescents, but some studies have shown that the music lyrics and images may have a significant impact on how youth think, feel, and behave. Children and adolescents often use music to explore their identity and discover how they fit in. They often imitate what musical role models do and say – trying on new roles as their personal identity develops. Music provides a way for youth to express and explore their feelings and emotions.”

According to Dr David Lewis music can trigger the following effects and responses on people:
1. Tears
2. Increase memory function
3. Happiness
4. Slow down, relax or speed up heart rate
5. Affect our actions
6. Create friendships and relationships, and even shape one’s identity
7. Create a ‘curing’ effect
8. Help induce sleep
9. Cause your spine to tingle and make hair stand on end
10. Pupil dilation and trigger ‘fight or flight’

Therefore when music or songs are fused with satanic & occult imagery; illuminati symbolism; and inappropriate messages, there can be a destructive spiritual impact on an audience or fanbase.

Destructive ideas, emotions and behavior contribute to the glamorization of satanic worship, occult symbolism, drug abuse, suicide, violence or inappropriate sexual messages.
In our world today, music videos and song lyrics that advocate satanism, occult worship and inappropriate sexual messages have gained positive association among millions of people and it may have respective consequences.


3 Reasons Why Satanic & Illuminati Symbolism is Popular in the Music Industry

1. The Devil Desires Worship
Satan is described as “the god of this world” in 2 Corinthians 4:4. The devil is the one who is largely in control of the music and entertainment industry all over the world. It is the very reason why the music industry promotes all kinds of vices from sexual immorality to occult worship.
The devil receives worship through any song or music video that promotes satanism or occult worship. The devil’s presence and influence is acknowledged through any music video that integrates satanic, occult or illuminati symbolism.
The very people who enjoy the lyrical content and occult imagery of such music videos are the same people who will knowingly or unknowingly sing the devil’s praises. Why? Because the devil will seek worship from people either directly or through deception.
The devil wants to be like God and therefore the devil is always trying to imitate God. Therefore just as God receives worship and praise through gospel music, the devil receives worship through any music that promotes the occult or illuminati symbolism.


2. The Devil Offers Fame & Fortune to the Celebrities Who Will Worship Him
Satan usually offers power, recognition and money to anyone who will worship him. In Matthew 4:8-10 the devil offered Jesus the “kingdoms of the world and their glory” in exchange for Christ’s worship.
For many famous celebrities in the music industry whose videos promote the occult and illuminati – there has been a spiritual exchange between the devil and the celebrity.
When celebrities promote satanism and occult worship in their videos, it is because they have given themselves to be used by the devil to influence their audience in exchange for money and fame.
In Mark 8:36 Jesus says: For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his life?


3. Music Celebrities Have The Power To Persuade The Masses
Celebrities who serve as puppets for the occult also act as “preachers” of the devil’s satanic system. They are the mouthpiece of the music industry which the devil controls in order to influence the masses for his satanic agenda.
Many people, especially teenagers try to emulate their favourite music artists by wearing the same clothes or by imitating their favorite celebrity’s conduct or mannerisms.
So music celebrities have the power to influence people pertaining to ethical, cultural, social or spiritual issues. And so their music can be used to desensitize people’s conscience and moral values.
Therefore if a celebrity is controlled by a satanic system, then it is most likely that they will use their personal and celebrity influence to draw their fans and listeners into all kinds of satanic systems and satanic thinking.


How to Avoid the Influence of the Occult Music Industry

Individually how can you avoid being influenced by the occult music industry? The answer is found in having the mental and spiritual discipline to avoid watching any music video or listening to any song that promotes imagery or visual content which promotes satanism or the occult. Many of these songs or videos do not provide anything positive to one’s mental and spiritual well-being.
Therefore when we realize and understand the spiritual destructive nature of occultic videos, we should then develop a hatred and the discipline to avoid enjoying the video content.

Instead we should replace any destructive music videos by developing a desire to listen to good music with lyrical content that edifies, encourages and promotes good mental health, good ethics and good moral behavior.
Romans 12:9 says that we should “… Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good”


Tips for Parents

For parents it’s important to educate your child about what kind of music videos or songs they should listen to. It’s important to help them identify music content that is destructive, occultic or satanic so that they become aware to avoid such content.
Discussing these issues with your child without judgment or condemnation is important.

If a child enjoys listening to a music artist who promotes occult worship, it might be difficult to take a military or autocratic approach and completely ban a child from listening to music of his/her choice. It can also be difficult or impractical to monitor or police what your child listens to on a 24 hour basis.
Listening to music can be an addiction and some kids are likely to rebel in the area of music especially if you express dislike for their favourite music artists.
Therefore the answer is found in the ongoing process of patiently and gently educating your child about learning to discern and avoid any music that contains destructive content. When you help them contrast between destructive music content and good music content, the hope is that good will overcome evil (Romans 12:21).

Therefore with consistent parental education, prayer and with God’s involvement it is possible that children will eventually remove themselves from enjoying any music that might be destructive.


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