3 Reasons Why Atheists Lie to Themselves?

An intelligent person will create a computer, with its hardware and software and sometimes artificial intelligence – yet you will discover that nobody will dispute the fact that a computer was designed by an intelligent being.
After all – it doesn’t make sense to assume that a computer which has all its physical parts working together in unison, just evolved on its own from nothing. Neither does it make sense to assume that the software programs working inside that computer simply evolved or existed without the need of an intelligent being.
Yet the atheist will deny for example, that a human being is the product of an Intelligent Creator.
As humans we have a body (just like a computer has hardware). As humans we also have DNA (just like computers have software programs). Humans also have a mind and freewill (just like how a computer might have artificial intelligence).
Just as a computer was designed by an intelligent designer with a purpose – it’s also the same for all of creation including human beings.
A people we were designed by an Intelligent Designer with a purpose. Our entire make-up is not the result of an accident or a chaotic incident or an enormous coincidence.
Just as it would be ridiculous to presume that a computer has no intelligent designer – it would be utterly ridiculous to presume that the universe and all of creation does not have an Intelligent Creator.

Therefore in the face of all the evidence that God exists and in the face of just plain common sense that every design has a designer – why do atheists deny the evidence? Why do atheists lie to themselves? Here’s why…

1. Atheists Experience Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive Dissonance is a mental conflict which occurs when current beliefs are contradicted by new information or when current wrong beliefs are contradicted with the truth.
So in the case of the atheist – the atheist believes that nothing made everything – which is a lie?
Even though there is no observable or testable evidence, they believe that the universe and all living things are the product of evolution and not intelligent design.
So when the atheist is confronted with the truth that the universe and living things did not create themselves – just as a computer cannot create itself – the tendency for the atheist is to deny common sense rather than accept the truth.
The atheist chooses to believe that a computer, an aeroplane and a building are the result of intelligent beings. However they refuse to believe that a human, a bird or the entire universe are the result of an Intelligent Creator.

2. Atheists Love the Pleasures of Sin
Atheists lie to themselves because they love the pleasure of sin. They will not give up their sins. They love the pleasures of sin so much that the possibilities of being accountable for sin is something they would rather deny.
This is why the atheist not only denies the existence of God but atheists also deny the existence of sin itself. Atheists do not believe that there is such a thing called “sin”. They also do not believe in the existence of good and evil.
They would rather lie to themselves by denying the existence of sin or good and evil because admitting to the existence of sin would make the atheist morally and spiritually accountable.

3. Atheists Suppress God in Their Life
Think about it. Why do atheists try to convert religious people to atheism? Why do they attempt to mock God and Christianity?
If they don’t believe in God, why do they feel the need to oppose anything that resembles the values of God & Christianity?
Psalms 14:1 says “A fool says in his heart “There is no God…”. Now that scripture isn’t saying that atheists can’t think or that they are not intelligent. However this scripture exposes the fact that it is foolishness for a person to deny the existence of a Creator in the face of such evidence.
Romans 1:20 says that no one is without excuse when it comes to the existence of God because nature itself and all of creation testifies that God exists.
It is foolishness to believe that every design does NOT have a designer.
Romans 1:22 says “Claiming to be wise, they became fools”.

Atheists should therefore be honest with themselves. They need to re-think the idea that the universe is a result of chance and coincidence. The complexity of the universe and life on earth is not an accident.
The atheist needs to consider the existence of God.

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