Trust God to Supply

Exodus 16:4 NKJV

Then the Lord said to Moses, “Behold, I will rain bread from heaven for you. And the people shall go out and gather a certain quota every day, that I may test them, whether they will walk in My law or not.

Do you trust God to provide your needs? Do you doubt that God will do for you what He has promised in His word? Do you wonder why it is that you just don’t seem to have an abundance of possessions?

We live in economic uncertainty. Unemployment is high, salaries are low, you can’t even save some money, it’s difficult to budget and you can’t purchase what you want, whenever you want it.
In Exodus 16, we learn that the Israelites became hungry in the wilderness and they began to complain to Moses for food. God decided to meet their need for food in the wilderness. However God decided to test their obedience to His word. God wanted to see if the children of Israel would trust Him enough to obey His instructions and God did so by instructing the Israelites to gather a quota of the food He would provide daily. They were not to gather more than they needed for the day nor to keep some for the following morning or else the food would become bad and inedible.
However some of the Israelites did not trust God’s word that He will supply them daily with bread from Heaven and so they would try to gather more than what they needed.
Exodus 16:19-20 – And Moses said to them, “Let no one leave any of it over till the morning.” But they did not listen to Moses. Some left part of it till the morning, and it bred worms and stank. And Moses was angry with them.

Some of the Israelites did not trust that God would provide as He had promised. They felt that God might come short on His promise and therefore they felt that they had to disobey Him and take matters into their own hands. The problem with taking matters into your own hands is that things can go horribly bad and fail.
God wants you to trust Him and to trust Him that He will provide for your needs.

If you find yourself living from paycheck to paycheck and being unable to have an abundance of money and possessions, my advice is – don’t worry – keep on trusting God – the Lord might be testing you just like He tested the children of Israel in Exodus 16:4.
God could have supplied the Israelites with a whole years’ supply of food in a single moment. But God preferred to supply them with food on a daily basis.
With God, it’s more about testing and developing your character. God wanted the Israelites to know Him and know that God is their Provider. God wanted the Israelites to learn to love and trust Him for all their needs rather than complaining and relying on their own strength and understanding. God wanted them to learn to obey Him.

God will supply your need. Just trust, obey and learn from Him.

TODAY. Believe He will supply.

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